Kitchen Design

hobart kitchen minimalist

At Hobart Kitchen Renovation Specialists, we offer a wide range of kitchen styles and designs that match every home and business owners’ unique needs and preferences whilst working on their budget. We can work on any of the following kitchen designs you like:

  • Country Style Kitchens – traditional and charming, stylish and functional – these are just among the amazing features of our country style kitchens. We combine exceptional wood carvings using natural timber like oak, pine, cherry, and maple.
  • French Style Kitchens – breathtaking, stunning, and authentic, our French style kitchens show off the rustic yet chic and world class designs inspired by the famous beauty of Paris and the entire France. Our kitchen designs fuse the intricate city designs with the down-to-earth country designs.
  • Contemporary Style Kitchens – a perfect design for people on the go. Our contemporary style kitchen designs are more focused on saving space, convenience, and efficiency. Clean and minimalist, creating beautiful and functional kitchen for individuals and families living the city life.
  • Hamptons Style Kitchens – visually appealing yet no overly done, beach feels and just the way Australians love. Bright, light-filled, calm, and truly comforting. This kitchen style offers both space yet enough room for the essentials. This is a very common choice of design for both traditional and modern homes.
  • Modern Style Kitchens – sleek, clean, spacious, simple, and high tech – the choice for 21st century homeowners. Our design features unique shapes and finishes that you can barely find anywhere else. We add space-saving shelves, pullout bins, and pantries to eliminate the clutters and keep the area organised.
  • Colonial Style Kitchens – although this is an American colonial inspired kitchen style, more and more Australians want to have it at home. Antique accessories make a perfect combination to this romantic and undeniably lovely kitchen that our designers are more than happy to build for you.
  • Industrial Style Kitchens – if you love brick and concrete walls with lots of natural lighting yet minimal furnishings, then this is the best pick. We build industrial style kitchens with natural wood flooring or concrete floors that work beautifully with stainless steel appliances.
  • Coastal Style Kitchens – is your dream kitchen by the beach side? Bright, airy, with lots of natural colours, textures, and materials that impose sand, sun, and sea vibe are just among the many exciting features of our casual and stylish beach-themed kitchens.

We Build Your Dream Kitchen

Let us work together and build your dream kitchen. At Hobart Kitchen Renovation Specialists, no project is too small or too big we can’t handle. Check out our amazing kitchen designs today. Talk to our kitchen specialist now!